Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello, Dear Blog...I've Missed You

So, there for a while, I didn't write because there wasn't anything new to write about...and now all of a sudden there is so much to write about, I will have to stretch it out over a few days so as not to overwhelm you with all that has been happening.

First of all, I would just like to say how proud I am of my boyfriend's son (son of my heart). He is on the golf team for his school and I was able to go see him play last week. He did such a good job (the best on his team) and his school won the match! They've let me tag along when they've been to play golf for practice and instruction and I've seen his game improve by leaps and bounds. He's not only a good golfer, he is a good kid, er, I mean young man. I love him very much.

Secondly, I will be able to blog more regularly now because I have my own computer!!

My very cool roommate has been letting me use her computer to blog, surf the net, etc. but it was time for me to have my own "surfboard" so I shopped around, talked to a friend who knows something about computers (because I know nothing) and I'm so pleased with my little Acer...or the Drea-cer as I affectionately call it. It's super portable, light and it does everything I need it to do. I love it.

That's the news for now...yes, there's much more to tell but like I said, it's so nice to have blog fodder again that I'm going to stretch this out for a few days.

Here's a preview:

I'm stalking my favorite band.

I'm not in Orlando anymore...only temporarily. Where am I and what have I been up to?

New project? or two?

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  1. you are such a sweet and loving person, drea! hugs for you! glad you got your own computer. looking forward to hearing all the good news!