Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Found...and Finished

Last weekend was so much fun...well, not this past weekend but the weekend before. It was a long weekend and I slept and knitted and lifted very heavy things. Allow me to explain. My super-cool roommate, Diana, got me all set up with new shelves for my yarn. How cool is this?

I've got all my projects and yarn unloaded from the plastic tubs they were in and out on the shelves. Diana is going to be able to use the tubs to store Christmas decorations so it's a win-win! She had to work that day but her best friend came over with an idea. What if we surprise her and rearrange the living room! Fantastic! We tried several arrangements before we decided on a new layout. It's soooo different and she was very surprised when she got home. She really likes it but I don't think she'll leave us to our own devices on a long weekend again. Ha!

The shelves aren't very organized yet but it's sooooo much easier to find things. As a matter of fact, I found a couple scarves that I hadn't totally forgotten about but didn't know exactly where they were. This one was almost totally done so I just finished off the edging and it's all finished.

I love the popcorns on this scarf. I made a pink one recently in this pattern and I think I'm going to make it again. I love the edging on the end, it's really cool and it was fun.

I also found this scarf.

It's made with a thick crochet thread rather than yarn and it's pretty but it's rather tedious since there are so many color changes. I really like this thread and would like to use it again but maybe just have two color changes instead. I HATE weaving in the ends...although, I haven't run across a crafter yet who enjoys it. My only dilemma now is deciding how long to make it. I was thinking of keeping it short this time...haha!! Totally kidding. I asked Diana when I first discovered it in the stash and she suggested I just keep going until I run out of thread. They're small balls so I think I might do that. I still have several sections left so this could turn into another shawl incident. You'd think I'd learn.

The rats have gone back home now. They were really fun to have and highly amusing. They would run laps around their cage and they cracked me up. The cats never showed much more than a passing curiosity. As a matter of fact, I put the rats in their ball while I cleaned the cage and my cat gave them a wide berth when he walked by. It makes me wonder how he ever ate when he was a stray. He's such a scaredy-cat. Everything startles him, although, maybe that's left over from his stray days.

Well, before I start babbling, as I so often catch myself doing, I will close. I'm going to work on some knitting tonight. I've been going back and forth between The Classic, the Princesa and the sock. I've been using the Magic Loop technique for the sock and I like it pretty well but I think I might try using two circulars instead. I have another ball of the same sock yarn so I'm going to try to cast on and see which is easier. I was reading a site earlier where people were duking it out over their preference to use dpns, two circs or magic loop. I think it's only fair if I give all techniques a try. And I've got to learn something more difficult than just these simple patterns. I'm ready for a challenge. You hear me, Angi? :-)

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  1. Holy Toledo, that's a lot of yarn. I guess I didn't realize this shelving unit took up a WALL....its like the one Joey makes! Does it cover any doorways??? LOL kidding!!